I lol'd out loud

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I lol'd out loud

Postby [RS] Nick_Stone » Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:31 pm

Ok, i decided that this needs to be in this topic are as its possibly one of the biggest jokes i have heard in a long time...

Picture the scene : It's a Friday evening, about 20 past 7, bored, i decided to change the USM server to the newly updated BF2 mod, Project Reality 0.6

Having already made a profile when it was first released, i went to swap it. Big red X says i can't, so off i take myself to the MPUK iRC.

Here is a snipet of the conversation:

<Dan> Hi
<NickStone> lo :) MH6668. I'm trying to get A mod for BF2 running (Project Reality 0.6) on the server but it wont let me swap the profile nor edit it. any idea?
<Dan> You need a licence to run pr6
<NickStone> lol. a what now?
<Dan> yeah...its a strange one
<Dan> www.realitymod.com
<Dan> you have to apply for a licence on their forums to be able to run the mod
<NickStone> how does that work? through ClanForge?
<Dan> When you've got the licence, you just paste the details into a support ticket and send it to us
<Dan> and we'll enable the mod for you
<NickStone> Really? lol. ok. no worries. Forget it. Lience to play a mod... lol that has just made my night. :)
<Dan> yeah I'm not sure why they've done it
<Steve> stupid if you ask me as well NickStone
<NickStone> Immediate thought, to big for there boots? my game, your not playing unless i say? madness.
<Steve> think the devs have a god complex or something
* Igloo add's another vote for stupid
<NickStone> Not kidding.
<Steve> PITA for us as well
<NickStone> I honestly lol'd when you said.
<Steve> :p
<NickStone> yeah, i can see. major pain for you guys.

If you wish to run Project Reality 0.6 server, you have to go ask for a licence from the Devs. LMFAO

What a bunch of pricks @PR.

Here endeth the joke.
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Postby [RS] SonicDM » Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:48 pm

Buggy game that fails to load more often than not.
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