From back in the day...

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From back in the day...

Postby [RS] CellThree » Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:26 am

Just noticed that the B2Z website is no longer there. Did a quick search and found this gem from 2004. I remember what a tosser he was. : ... -clan.html

Bravo2zerO are a kiddie clan

Just though I'd give you a heads up on another bad admin.

B2Z Hound Dog who has admin rights on the Brav2zero Clan DCX server can't
handle getting beat, especially when he's getting beat by people abiding by
the server rules.

I was on there today, playing quite happily... some one got kicked in a
previous game for base raping... Server rules are flashed up on screen like
in most servers.

The one that caught my attention was 'Taking out a scud or sam in base is
ok, but then you must leave'

I had a friend playing on the other side, and he likes the Scud and I knew
it was him when we started getting hit hard by it. I grabbed a tank, skirted
around the back of their base and took a few shots at
the scud, he made a run for it.. and rather than drive through the bas I
went around the outskirts of it and caught and killed the scud... nothing
was said.

A few mins later I'm having to do the same thing, but this time as I
approach the base I'm spotted and attacked by a Hind and a Shilka... I
dispatched both quite easily as I'm very handy in a tank, especially against
Hinds, I take out the scud and make my way out of the base.... Now the guy
in the hind is this Hound Dog plonker, and he starts screaming base camping,
and no one allowed in the base... I point out that the server rules allow me
to enter to destroy the scud/sam, and do they seriously expect people not to
return fire when fired upon. I also pointed out that it was them who
attacked first and I rightly defended myself.

Hound Dog got into a little bit of a tizzy over being called on this, and
started saying that it was his rules and it wasn't allowed. Despite after
him saying that.. up on the screen came the text message saying it was ok to
take out scud/sam in the base.... which made a few of us laugh. I was polite
the whole time, and told him not to accuse me of unfair play when I was
abiding by the SERVER rules as laid out by the clan, and it was unfair of
him to abuse his position as admin.

I was promptly kicked... my friend on their team, told him he was wrong to
kick me, and that he felt he was abusing his admin position.. he was
promptly kicked as well.

The moral of this little story... B2Z Hound Dog is a ****tard with no idea
how to admin and shouldn't be allowed to be one. I'd hope that the rest of
the clan aren't like this, it would be shame for the whole clan to get
labelled in this way over one kiddie who can't handle the fact he was
getting his ass handed to him by me in a tank. He seems to think that the
rules on the server that were agreed upon by the entire clan, don't apply
and he can change them to suit... shame he didn't (or rather couldn't)
change the admin messages that are auto displayed to inform people of the

I hope that there are others from the clan who read/lurk here.. you need to
know when your admins are abusing their position.

Shame, as up to that point, I really was kicking some ass.

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Re: From back in the day...

Postby [RS] Nick_Stone » Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:55 am

Eh up Cell :D Long time no see. how are you keeping? Canada still treating you well?

B2Z folded cause all the cool kids came here :D
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Re: From back in the day...

Postby [RS] SonicDM » Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:29 pm

"B2Z Hound Dog is a ****tard"

Can't argue with that :)
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Re: From back in the day...

Postby [RS]PITBULLY » Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:36 pm

i see they still a bunch of c+++s nout changes there :thumbdown:
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Re: From back in the day...

Postby [RS]PITBULLY » Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:37 pm

lo cell ol m8 nice to see you again hows tricks
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