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Postby [DSUK] edz394 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:32 am

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[11:23] [RS] MD: anybody home??
[11:23] edz394: hello
[11:24] [RS] MD: hallo m8
[11:24] [RS] MD: I looking for a fight
[11:24] [RS] MD: can you oblige us?
[11:24] edz394: 2 secs
[11:28] edz394: should be able to sort something out i think a few of us had a war wiyh you when we were in the 22nd
[11:28] [RS] MD: aha! I thought I recognised some of the names - sparkydog springs to mind
[11:29] edz394: yes he was there
[11:30] edz394: when you looking for and what details ie.inf or vehicles etc.
[11:30] [RS] MD: how about Sunday 14th?? 8 v 8 Inf Only
[11:30] [RS] MD: ?
[11:31] edz394: yes would think thats ok what size maps
[11:31] [RS] MD: 16 size i guess
[11:32] edz394: will have to ask the lads and get back to you your server or ours
[11:32] [RS] MD: ours if that OK?
[11:33] edz394: yes i would think so
[11:33] edz394: 8pm start
[11:33] [RS] MD: heres the IP: 8PM start is just dandy
[11:34] edz394: you are mainly english arnt you
[11:34] [RS] MD: we are all Rosbeefs yes LOL
[11:34] edz394: lol
[11:35] edz394: will have to post it on forums
[11:35] [RS] MD: just a few moree things
[11:35] [RS] MD: No calys, No c4, Commanders OFF, and Unlocks ON?
[11:35] edz394: fighting commander or no commander ?
[11:36] [RS] MD: no commnder plz
[11:36] edz394: np
[11:36] [RS] MD: No c4 no clays
[11:36] edz394: we will let you know our map as soon as its decided
[11:37] [RS] MD: kk
[11:37] edz394: what is it 2rounds per map and a 1 round decider
[11:38] edz394: and to the death no timer no point count up
[11:38] [RS] MD: nah, 2 rounds per map, final ticket score determines the winner
[11:38] [RS] MD: just the 4 rounds, otherwise we'll be playin all night long lol
[11:38] edz394: no we dont like points
[11:39] [RS] MD: kk how about a 5th round decider in the event of a tie?
[11:39] edz394: yes or rematch whatever
[11:39] [RS] MD: random map
[11:39] edz394: yes
[11:39] [RS] MD: BTW, we'll go with Kubra Dam
[11:40] edz394: sniper map
[11:40] [RS] MD: if you like
[11:40] edz394: upto you ours will probally be jala but not sure yet
[11:41] [RS] MD: ok. Thing is, I'm away on holiday for the next week from sunday, so could you post up your map choice on out forums when you decide?
[11:41] edz394: yes np send the web address
[11:41] [RS] MD: www.roguesquad.co.uk/forums
[11:42] edz394: sorted
[11:42] [RS] MD: kool. I'll post it up now
[11:43] edz394: same here c u soon ciao

I thought this was set up
if it is our map is karkand 32 size
can someone get back to me about it please my xfire is edz394
Our web page is http://www.deathsquaduk.co.uk
[DSUK] edz394
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Postby [RS]Tefty » Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:42 am

Game is on yeah, our WA will be in touch shortly

Also, bully - get in touch shortly :P :lol:
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Postby [RS] SonicDM » Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:48 pm

Its this Sundays match, MD should be back soon.
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Postby [RS]Mr White » Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:49 pm

nice medals u got there lol
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