Friendly BFBC2 Scrim Vs Funky Monks

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Friendly BFBC2 Scrim Vs Funky Monks

Postby xommul » Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:53 pm

Hi Folks

I represent a BFBC2 clan from the uk, we r a very laid back bunch. I am trying to organise a few friendly scrims, not really up for euro dom, we took part in the firstt few leagues then got bored of the rule sets etc.

Basically i am trying to foster good relations with other clans, make friends etc, we go to iseries too and would be nice to know a few more groups when we get there.

If you are up for some fun matches let me know

Feel free to sign up on our forums, pop on our bfbc2 server Funky Fun Server, and say hi on vent.

All the best

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